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At Local Ownly Our Three Core Purposes Are;

To Support Local Independent Businesses Everywhere 
To Enrich The Lives Of The People And Communities That They Serve
To Provide Growth Opportunities That Strengthen Local Economies

1) Support Local Businesses

Local Ownly will provide cutting edge online and offline strategies to help local independent businesses reach there desired goals.

Our team will generate scientific validated learning in order to provide valuable information to local businesses that can be used for continual improvement of their products and services. 


Our Local Ownly team will provide subject matter experts that can assist local businesses in any areas of weakness with the goal of continual innovation and improvement.

2) Enrich our community

Local Ownly will provide low cost marketing to local independent businesses that do not have the time and resources to manage a social media portfolio. Local independent businesses are the soul of any strong community and we intend to protect them and provide guidance through structured growth and in creating new streams of revenue.


In becoming a Local Ownly company, a business commits to the high standard of our quality assurance structure, which means operating in a manner which improves the lives of customers, employees, and the community as a whole.  

Local Ownly will provide the infrastructure for local entrepreneurs with new business ideas. We will provide comprehensive market analysis to ensure the viability of new ventures, assist with engineering a model for growth, and draw on the local community for support in the pursuit of building dreams and realizing success. We will help build a richer community one business at a time.

3) Provide Growth Opportunities

Our strategy will even the playing field between Locally Owned businesses and multinational chains, with the goal of disrupting revenue streams of big box retailers and fast food chains and keeping more of our hard earned money in the community. We intend to create synergies between local businesses to provide additional opportunities by providing the option of local alternatives to existing supply chain.  

We will ensure a secure outlet for consumers to easily access a directory of certified local ownly businesses that have been pre-vetted for quality and stewardship. Consumers can contribute to the local economy while getting a fair price for locally produced high quality goods and services. 


400 Silin forest Rd
Fort McMurray,
Alberta, Canada.T9H 3S5

Phone: +1 780-531-2432